Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Squirrels in general

Squirrels are classified as members of the rodent order, one of fourteen orders of mammals and the largest group among all mammals. They live in grasslands, forests, and deserts.

Most squirrels fall into two main categories – ground squirrels and tree squirrels.

The squirrel family is one of 31 families of rodents and consists of about 250 different species, including chipmunks and marmots. The color of a squirrel’s coat usually depends on where it leaves. Gray squirrels are the most common tree squirrels in North America.

Squirrels are classified by their scientific name: sciuridae, a Latin designation originally taken from the Greek worlds meaning ‘shadow tail’.

All squirrels share a number of anatomical features – teeth, jaw musculature, skull and other bones – that scientists use to identify recent and fossil squirrels.

Squirrels have long, sharp front teeth. The four front teeth, two on the bottom and two on the top, are gnawing teeth celled incisors.

Squirrels have good eyesight. Their eyes are set high on the sides of their head. This allows them to see all around without having to move their heads a lot.
Squirrels in general

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