Saturday, August 20, 2016

Canada goose

The Canada goose (Branta canadensis) is the large goose commonly seen in suburban and farming areas. The Canada goose is recognizable by it distinctive colorings. The species is characterized by its grayish colored body combined with a solid black head and neck with white cheek patches.

They love throughout most of North America. They are commonly seen in coast, park, and farm field. Waterfowl biologists have classified 11 distinct subspecies of Canada geese in North America, based on sizes, plumages, breeding range locales, migration routes and wintering locales.

The Canada goose is mostly vegetarian, although the goslings eat tremendous quantities of insects during the first few weeks of life. Canada geese feed almost exclusively on plants, eating roots, shoots, stems, blades and seeds. In shallow water, geese tip their bodies forward, dip their heads under, and use their round-tipped bills to pull up aquatic vegetation.

The Canada goose may be named after the country of Canada but the species can be found all over North America spending on the time of year. Canada goose adapts well to their environment, although ideally they like to live in low areas with lots of open waters.
Canada goose

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